Elevate Your Space with French Elegance

Explore our curated collection of unique French furniture pieces that add sophistication and charm to your home or business.

Our Services

Vintage Pieces

Discover unique vintage furniture from various eras for a classic touch.

Modern French Styles

Explore contemporary interpretations of French furniture to suit modern aesthetics.

Bespoke Designs

Create customized furniture tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.

Our Story

DESIGN French Furnitures is a specialized furniture hunting organization based in France and across Europe, dedicated to sourcing unique and rare pieces.

Founded with a passion for French design, we strive to provide exceptional furniture options to elevate your space.


Vintage Selection

Discover our collection of vintage French furniture pieces that bring an old-world charm to your interiors.


Modern Classics

Explore our modern take on classic French styles, blending tradition with contemporary design elements.


Exquisite Finds

Find hidden gems from across Europe, carefully curated to bring sophistication and elegance to your surroundings.

Why Choose Us

Unique Selection

Handpicked, one-of-a-kind pieces that set your space apart and reflect your style effortlessly.

Expert Curation

Our dedicated team ensures each piece meets our quality standards, guaranteeing excellence in every purchase.

Personalized Service

Tailored recommendations and design advice to help you find the perfect furniture pieces for your unique space.

Client Testimonials

Transform Your Space

Ready to elevate your space with unique French furniture pieces? Explore our collection now and redefine the elegance of your interiors.

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